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We are Gipsy Hill...

…and that means a few things. We’re a proud bunch, from all walks of life. Linked arm in arm by passion and modesty. We celebrate the small wins, not just the big. We don’t skimp on our ingredients, flavour, or giving back to those that matter. We give everything we have. We share our successes; we share our failures, and we share the business with our team that work so hard to build it.

Brewed with more… Never less.

Core range classics


Session IPA

£3.00 | 4.6%


Helles Lager

£2.75 | 4.8%


Gluten Free Pale

£2.75 | 3.8%



About this beer

Shellback is a Dry Irish Stout. Brewed with a dark and roasty malt bill and UK-grown Challenger from Herefordshire’s Brook House Hops. Part bitter dark chocolate, part malty sweetness, a little bit freshly roasted coffee and all smooth, velvety magic. A deliciously balanced, super session-able stout!

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More Fresh Drops

Fruits of Optimism


Pale Ale

£5.20 | 5.2%


Fresh Drop

Wet Hop Pale

£4.00 | 4.5%


Fresh Drop

Sloe Gin Sour

£5.00 | 6.0%

Screening every game

That’s right… we’re showing every Six Nations game at ‘The Gipsy Hill Taproom. No booking fee, just delicious pints! Reserve a table to avoid disappointment.

Come visit!

Whether you’re looking for an industrial feeling knees up where we brew the beer, or a cosy half – our two bars hit the mark. Our Taproom based across the yard from the brewery boasts 12 taps of our fresh brews and food from the incredible ‘From the Ashes’.

Across the other side of the Crystal Palace hill, The Douglas Fir is our micro-bar – serving up tasty brews from us and our favourite breweries.

Hops... but not as you know them.

For those who love to learn a little extra, we’ve dug into our what makes ‘Hopfalls’ our first ever Wet Hop  Pale so special.

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